Vitae 3MT® Finalists, Semi Finalists & Quarter Finalist Videos 2022

Finalists, Semi Finalists & Quarter Finalists Vitae 3MT® 2022

Alexandra Wren, University of Strathclyde, Deflating the Aneurysm

Alun King, University of South Wales, Using Escape Room Paradigms to Prepare for the Real World of Work

Andy Chen, University of East Anglia (UEA), Using Diversity to increase Wheat Production

Anis Sahoo, University of Plymouth, The role of glial cells in Parkinson's disease

Anna Powell, Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), “Shaken, not stirred”: Alcohol and cognition, and how impairments predict outcomes

Aruna Duraisingam, University of Kent, Investigation on Food Habituation through Repeated Visual Stimuli using EEG and Data Mining

Beate Ringwald, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Power and poverty – a community-based participatory study on the complexities of HIV and intimate partner violence in an informal settlement in Nairobi, Kenya.

Belinda Zakrzewska, University of Sussex, What's cooking behind my guinea pig ravioli?

Beyza Ustun, Durham University, Does what the mother eats during pregnancy affect infant food preferences?

Cara Nicholson, University of Dundee, Mission Impossible? Sperm function required for fertilisation

Cherie Morgan, City University of London, Exploring the link between self-harm and autistic traits

Choshani Dalukdeniya Arachchilage, University of Reading, An Atlas of Gut Bacterial Function

Chris WorthUniversity of Manchester, The Problem with Lie-ins

Daniel Haid, Sheffield Hallam University, Assessing a rate-dependent mechanical metamaterial's potential as helmet liner

Deborah Rickards-Hill, Glasgow Caledonian University, Exploring the factors that influence decisions to donate organs

Emily James, Northumbria University, Muscling in on cardiac rehabilitation: Understanding and treating low muscle mass and strength in patients with coronary heart disease.

Emily Nielsen, Swansea University, Think Zebra

Emmanuelle Dankwa, University of Oxford, Comparing the effectiveness of measures for controlling African swine fever epidemics

Emma Stockley, University of Leicester, Protecting our hunter-gatherer past

Eva Pelaez Alvarez, Cranfield University, 3D printing technology for elastomeric products from rubber latex

Farah Sinada, University of Westminster, Death to Worms!

Gemma Simons, University of Southampton, Doctor Wellbeing: measurement matters!

Georgina Clegg, University of Huddersfield, Getting the warning and taking action: community involvement in flood early warning, how and why might it help?

Hannah Cliff, Queen Mary University of London, The Streaming Wars: What is the future of French cinema?

Harindi Jayakody, University of Bath, Developing sensitive and accessible diagnostic tests for COVID-19

Hassan Awan, Keele University, How do men of South Asian origin with long-term physical conditions understand, experience and seek help for emotional distress?

James Quinn, Queen's University Belfast (QUB), How laser surface modification can BLAST bacteria away!

Jamila La Malfa-Donaldson, Aberystwyth University, Finding Healing In Hemp

Jessica Gallagher, De Montfort University (DMU), Self-Harm in Prison: Analysing the impact of prison conditions of those incarcerated to inform evidence-based reform

Jessica ljebor, Loughborough University, Discourse versus Experience? Employee perceptions of racial /ethnic diversity discourse and existing inequalities within a UK organisation

Josh Cantrell, Anglia Ruskin, University Filing the Lost Stories of Ireland: Representations of The Great Hunger in Irish Cinema

Julia Fajardo-Sanchez, King's College London (KCL), Seeing the Whole Picture: Preventing Fibrosis to protect our Sight

Julia Meister, University of Brighton, A "sound" solution to COVID-19 testing

Julie Hurst, University of Derby, Compassion in the classroom

Kavita Gadar, Brunel University Antibiotics are Going Vegan! – Discovering New Plant-based Antibiotics Kennedy

Kennedy Obohwemu, University of Sunderland, Overcoming Childhood Vaccine Hesitancy: Our Collective Responsibility

Kirsten Wing, University of Gloucestershire, Operationalising Physical Literacy: Investigating a practitioner education programme to develop practitioner knowledge, retention and sharing to colleagues and young learners

Laura BoothNewcastle University, The heartbreaking problem with anticancer drugs, a Jekyll and Hyde story

Laura Wiggins, University of York, Eye spy with my little eye a chemo-resistant cancer cell!

Laurie Smith, Cardiff University, Incisional Hernia: Risk-prediction and prevention

Maria Caluianu, University College London (UCL), Getting a Molecular Train Back on its Tracks


Mark Ryan, University of Limerick, ‘I’m scared of saying the wrong thing’ - an investigation of discursive strategies and implicit homophobia in Ireland

Meiyun Meng, Birkbeck University of London, Individualising life courses: Home-making of highly educated women in Shenzhen, China

Meredith Ritchie, University of Salford, 'Exploring how certain features of autism spectrum disorder can provide the context of vulnerability to engaging in the incel identity: Risks and protective features'

Michael Schrauben, University of Exeter, Harnessing Gene-Editing Tools to understand Alzheimer's Disease 

Ngozi Nneke, Manchester Metropolitan University, Explaining Artificial Intelligence (Black-Box) Systems' Decision to the End Users

Oluwatosin Olayinka Oluwamuwiya Sani, University of East London, The Future of Virtual Production

Philly Iglehart, University of St Mark & St John (Plymouth Marjon University), Bringing Educational Isolation into Focus: Identifying Schools and Targeting Resources to Improve Outcomes for Students

Raymond Holder, University of the West of Scotland, Welcome to the Oasis, using VR games for computer science teaching

Rebecca Evans, University of Warwick, What do school girls want?

Rhona Christie, University of Aberdeen, Hormone signalling in bladder cancer: stop or go?

Ron Evans, University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN), "Catching Feelings: Theatre Audience Emotional Response in Performance"

Sadaf Akbari, Kingston University, Engineering Smart Bone Tissue

Samuel Awuku, Robert Gordon University, Building Integrated Photovoltaics in Ghana; Aesthetics and Policy

Sanjana Karnik, Oxford Brookes University, Regulating Terminator-style AI weapons in wartime and peacetime.

Sanjidah Islam, Canterbury Christ Church University, A most paw-sible intervention

Sara Healy, University of Surrey, Assessing the risk of foodborne Toxocara transmission to humans

Sarah Brill, Coventry University, Am I safe to cross? Planning for a driverless future

Sean Smart, University of Lincoln, Bias in classifying models of macroevolution

Shruti Kane, Abertay University, Sperm games: What it takes to be a champion sperm

Sina Fadaie, Aston University, When structures could behave like humans

Sophie Johnson, University of Bristol, Where are all the women sculptors?

Stamatia Savvani, University of Essex, Language teachers’ emotions in game-based teaching

Thomas Rabensteiner, University of Greenwich, No autonomy, no wage growth

Tim Williams, University of Birmingham, Reducing Risk at 30,000 ft

Tsvetelina Nenkova, Staffordshire University, The influence of psychosocial resources on the wellbeing and academic performance of university students

Yasna Najmi, Ulster University, A herbal alternative to treating dental implant diseases