Vitae 3MT® Judges application form 2023

Please find below the timeline to help you decide if you would like to be a 3MT Judge 2023. You will not be allocated your own institutional entry.

  • 30 June - Deadline for institutional competition entries
  • 5 July - Vitae to send judges their briefing, allocation of videos to review, links to video’s, scoring sheet (no. of videos per judge will depend on no. of entries – usually around 10 per judge)
  • 5 - 21 July - Quarter final judging
  • 21 July - Deadline for scoring sheet to be returned to Vitae
  • 27 July - Semi-final judging call - not all judges are chosen to participant in the semi final judging call
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If you have any queries or need to change your registration details please contact the at Vitae.