Meet the 3MT® 2023 Finalists

  • Erin McEvoy, Ulster University - 'Deflating the Marketing Balloon Destroying the Lives of Irish Women'
  • Katherine Theobald, University of Southampton - 'Shaken not Stirred: The Impact of Vibration on Medical Goods Transported by Drone'
  • Rachel Hare, University of Bristol - 'The Art of the Swoon'
  • Ridzuan A-Rasid, Loughborough University - 'Goldfish vs. Human'
  • Sarah Warbis, University of Bath - 'Sexual Assault in a 'Just World': An Immersive VR Study of Bystanders'
  • Williams Joshua, Glasgow Caledonian University - 'Water Justice: Addressing the water-related crisis in Northern Nigerian rural communities'