Vitae 3MT FAQ's

My institution is not running a competition. Can I enter the semi-final as an individual?

Sorry, we only accept semi-finalists that are winners of local competitions.

Who is the Vitae competition open to?

All Vitae member organisations operating a 3MT competition within the rules set out by the University of Queensland are welcome to send their competition winners to the national final supported by Vitae.

I'm a member organisation from outside the UK. Can I join in?

Speak to us!

Do you provide any funding to attend the live finals?

Unfortunately, we are unable to cover participants' travel and accommodation expenses. We suggest that finalists seek funding from their institution, such as their department, graduate societies, researcher development teams, etc.

Why isn't the whole competition online?

We think that holding a live event adds to the competition and to the experience for finalists. While HEIs are free to run their internal competitions in person, online, or whichever format they choose, we ask that finalists attend and present in person. Because of the number of institutions interested in participating since 2015 we have decided to hold the semi-final stage online.

Why don't you live-stream the final?

For practical/ technical reasons we are unable to stream the final but we do film the presentations and make them available online after the event.

What happens if my HEI’s finalist has completed their doctorate between the local competition and the semi-final or final?

As long as the participant had not yet had their viva at the time of the local competition s/he will be eligible to participate in the semi-final and/or final.

When do you need to know whether we will be participating in the Vitae competition?

Video entries to the semi-final (institutional winners only) should be provided to Vitae Friday 5th July 2019. It is advisable to have the video ready by the 28 June 2019.

If our winner is not able or does not want to enter the Vitae competition, can we send a substitute?

Yes. For example you can send a people's choice winner or a runner up identified by the judges.

Can we run 3MT without being involved in the Vitae competition?

Of course, but we think that offering the opportunity to compete at national level adds a lot to the participant experience.

Does the video entry for the semi-final have to be recorded at our institution's event?

No, but it does have to conform to the standard rules and requirements.

What information do you need from our winner?

As well as the 3 minute presentation video, we need to know the winner’s name, department, contact details (email) and title. Please also ask them to send their single 3MT slide, a short abstract (max 150 words), short biography about themselves and a photo for use in our publicity materials.

If you have further questions, please get in touch: