Understanding research culture through CEDARS


A Vitae member event



The Culture, Employment and Development of Academic Researchers Survey (CEDARS) was developed in 2019-20 to provide research institutions with a way to benchmark and track their progress in implementing the principles of the Researcher Development Concordat. It gathers the views and experiences of different groups of people engaged in research: research staff, mid and senior career academics, postgraduate researchers, technicians and other professional staff. And it can help us understand culture-related issues within the sector—whether respondents feel valued and treated fairly; whether they feel well managed and are working in a supportive environment.

In this event, participants will explore how CEDARS could evolve to better support institutions gather useful data to inform institutional research culture strategies and evaluate progress. It will start with a brief presentation outlining what the CEDARS 2023 results tell us about research culture in the sector, before turning to a panel of speakers who will share how they are using CEDARS in their institutions. All participants will have an opportunity to reflect on the CEDARS question-set might evolve, how CEDARS works alongside other tools and approaches for understanding research culture, and what responsible indicators of positive research cultures could look like.

We welcome all members, whether they have run CEDARS or not, as the event will be an opportunity to further understanding of research culture.

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