Workshop recordings and slides from Vitae Connections Week 2020

Use the links below to access the recordings and slides from our Connections week 2020 live workshop sessions

Coming soon .... a searchable document to browse the topics and presenters.

Workshop session A

A1: Concordats, Commitments and Culture: The Researcher Development Concordat and Technician Commitment at UKRI

A2: session cancelled

A3: Putting the development back in Researcher Development

Workshop session B

B1: The Research Institute Technician Group – A forum for collaboration, recognition and developing technical researchers at Research Institutes

B2: Co-creation partnerships as a means for developing agency and inclusion in HE: Insights from a partnership establish between PhD students and staff at Queen’s University Belfast

B3: What is researcher mentoring, and how do I get started?

B4: The Virtual Peer Support Community: how Covid-19 has helped enhance our global communities of peer support

Workshop session C

C1: A theory of not quite everything? Using the Theory of Change as an evaluation tool in your institutions

C2: Prosper: co-creating innovative postdoc career development with employers and PIs

C3: TIPS for an engaging career development programme for researchers

C4: Wellcome Café on Research Culture: Reimaging the way research works

Workshop session D

D1: Exploring the working experiences of researchers through CEDARS

D2: How do we help people who are graduating into a pandemic?

D3: Capacity Building for Interdisciplinary Research in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences: What can Universities Do?

D4: Win, win, win – the benefits (and challenges) of PhD placements for key stakeholders

Workshop session E

E1: (ED)I Won’t Wait: A Research Culture Cabaret

E2: ‘Invisible’ careers support: working better together to help researchers help themselves

E3: Enterprise & Impact through Industry Engagement – Ongoing Training & Research Project

E4: Enabling connections and shared learning in a remote world through Communities of Practice

Workshop session F

F1: Being a researcher developer

F2: Roundtable: Invisible support: what do researchers think of the careers support available to them

F3: From Shakespeare to spinout: making an enterprise of your idea and supporting researchers with theirs

F4: Rethinking training and development in an online context