Vitae Impact, Culture and Engagement (ICE) Awards community panel application form 2023

If you would be interested in joining the Vitae ICE Awards community panel to help shortlist this year's nominations, please fill out the application form below.

If you would like to be a part of the Vitae ICE Awards community panel but would also like to nominate someone for an award, we will ensure you are not reviewing the award category you placed a nomination for.  

As a part of the Vitae ICE Awards community panel, we will ask you to review the nominations for two award categories and rank each nomination against the Award criteria provided. We will provide each panel member with all the nominations received, however there is no expectation to review all, only the categories you have been allocated to review.  

Shortlisting community panel timeline: 

  • 26 June: Vitae provide community panel with each category's nominations, individual categories to review and briefing 

  • 26 June – 7 July: Review allocated nominations and provide rankings to Vitae  

  • 7 July: Deadline for Vitae to receive panel scoring 

  • 18 July: Vitae ICE Awards shortlisting community panel meeting (Final decision made on the 3 nominees shortlisted in each category)   

  • 28 July: Announce shortlisted nominees 

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If you have any queries or need to change your registration details please contact the at Vitae.