Vitae Impact, Culture and Engagement (ICE) Award Nominations Shortlist

The nominations are listed in alphabetical order

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Newcomer Award

  • Dr Anna Pilz, Academic Developer: Researcher Development at University of Edinburgh. Nominated by Fiona Philippi.
  • Oli Schofield, Doctoral Development and Training Manager at University of Bath. Nominated by Shyeni Paul & Rachel Arnold.
  • Dr Sarah Macmillan, Research Development Manager, College of Engineering and Physical Sciences at University of Birmingham. Nominated by Dr Steve Taylor.

Outstanding contribution award

  • Dr Ipshita Ghose, Head of Research Strategy and Development, Social Sciences at University of Birmingham. Nominated by Xavier Rodde.
  • Dr Jennifer Leigh, Reader in Creative Practices for Social Justice at University of Kent. Nominated by Dr Amy Bonsall and Kelly Pickard-Smith.
  • Dr Saneeya Qureshi, Head of Researcher Development and Culture at University of Liverpool. Nominated by Dr Eva Caamano Gutierrez and Annette Bramley.

Innovative and inclusive practice award

  • Co(l)laboratory Team - Rebekah Smith-McGloin, Matthew Young, Rachel Handforth, Alex Nkrumah, Co(l)laboratory DTP Project Management Team at Nottingham Trent University. Nominated by Jonathan Tallant for developing an innovative and inclusive PhD funding model focused on research that addresses challenges faced by local people, aiming to develop research and researchers that will make a significant, positive impact to Nottinghamshire communities.
  • Helen Matthews, Institute Manager for the Institutes of Cardiovascular Sciences, Metabolism and Systems Research and Microbiology and Infection at University of Birmingham. Nominated by Professor Philip Newsome for initiating and leading a transformative programme of work around menopause awareness and support within the research environment, spearheading the creation of a College Menopause Support Group and leading University-wide menopause support initiatives.
  • Dr Stephanie Smith, CENTA Training Fellow at University of Birmingham. Nominated by Dr Victoria Cabrera-Sharp  for her work removing barriers of access to training opportunities for researchers at CENTA including creating the CENTA Digital Education Framework, a series of initiatives designed to increase accessibility of training.

Research culture impact through researcher development award

  • Ms Lisa Thompson, Doctoral Development Manager at Ulster University. Nominated by Professor Sonja Mcilfatrick for facilitating the creation of collaboration and communities, resulting in improvements to the research environment, evidenced by the annual Ulster Festival of PhD Research (2018-2023), where her leadership and innovation has made an impact on the experience, culture, and visibility of PGRs in the broader academic community and beyond. 
  • Dr Loice Natukunda, Lecturer in Research methods at University of Lincoln. Nominated by Doris Kakuru for founding the Network for Education and Multidisciplinary Research Africa (NEMRA) to demystify the issues around doing academic research, develop insights across a wide array of disciplines, share ideas and develop networks in the process of providing solutions to societal problems through research. NEMRA has engaged in numerous researcher development activities that have boosted the research culture in Uganda over the last four years.
  • Dr Sandra Oza, Manager, Doctoral Academy at University of Dundee. Nominated by Professor Michael Gratzke for developing the innovative Wellbeing Comic project which uses storytelling & dynamic visual representations to showcase the diversity of the PGR community and create a safe space for open discussions about mental health & wellbeing in the research environment.