Poster presentations 2017

Poster presentations from the Vitae Researcher Development International Conference 2017

Title of session                                       


What is the perceived value of Industry Engagement in the Australian PhD?

Ashleigh Roberts Murdoch University


How to assess effectiveness of professional development programmes Professor Etsuko Tanaka Nagoya University


A researcher development experiment: can we trust postdocs to make funding decisions? Dr Eleanor Groves Queen Mary University of London

Converting Attendees to Deliverers: The Development Tutor Scheme at Liverpool

Dr Shirley Cooper University of Liverpool

The lived experiences of current research fellows in prestigious fellowship schemes

Dr Eli Saetnan

 University of Liverpool


PGR Key Skills Development Programme at LSBU

Peter Doyle  London South Bank University

Research mentorship: perspectives from across the research career pathway

Dr Brigit Chesworth

University of Central Lancashire

Can mindfulness through meditation or Origami be used to support resilience and well-being in researchers?

Dr Richy Hetherington Newcastle University and Durham University

The New Normal: shifting the CPD Paradigm for Higher Degree Research (HDR) supervision enhancement

William Ashraf Macquarie University 

Project-based learning for a transdisciplinary engagement with social issues - a collaborative approach as part of a doctoral program

Goro Yamazaki Osaka University

Providing knowledge for exploring young researchers’ career

Kyoko Fukushima Osaka University

Recruiting international faculty in Osaka University, Japan: the issue of required knowledge

Kyoko Ito

Osaka University

Building capacity in research communication for early career researchers in developing countries

Andy Nobes INASP

Public Engagement: Going out to the street

Dr Helal Ahmed

Imperial College London

Centre of Excellence as a strategic tool to set-up international collaboration for researcher development

Dr Ediana Sutjiredjeki

Politeknik Negeri Bandung

Towards a framework for supporting PGR wellbeing at the University of Exeter

Kelly Preece

University of Exeter

Cross-institutional researcher development: an Australian success story

Dr Melissa Hart

University of New South Wales

Creating awareness of academic leadership in early career researchers: a Young Academy model

Tim Van Oort University of Groningen