Special interest sessions


Title of sessionPresenters
SISA1 Athena SWAN Review Professor Julia Buckingham CBE, Brunel University London
SISA2 Consultation on the Royal Society's Model CV template for Researchers Dr Frances Downey, The Royal Society
SISA3 Ten Years on: Adapting and evolving to new challenges in developing tomorrow's health research leaders Peter Thompson, National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)
SISA4 Supporting ECR networks to drive institutional strategy and support for the post-doctoral community a case study from Exeter University

Dr Chris Wood, University of Exeter

Kate Lindsell, University of Exeter

SISA5 How do we know if it's working? Evaluating the impact of Researcher Development programmes Dr Eli Saetnan, University of Liverpool

Supporting Researchers who Teach - Enhancing professional learning & employability through an effective community of practice

Rosalind Beaumont, Newcastle University

Professor Robin Humphrey, Newcastle University

SISA7/B7 The UCC Odyssey Programme Mary O'ReganUniversity College Cork


Title of sessionPresenters
SISB1 Experiences of Blended Learning

Craig Dooley, King's College London

Donald Lush, King's College London

SISB2 The Post PhD-life: academic versus non-academic careers

Anneleen Mortier, Ghent University

Professor Katia Levecque, Ghent University

SISB3 How can learned societies support researchers at different stages of their careers? Dr Maria Fernandes, Microbiology Society
SISB4 Top Down, bottom up approach to Researcher development: A marriage of academic teaching and leadership capability Dr Keely Bumsted O'Brien, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
SISB5 Plugging the leaky pipeline: Women's experiences of postgraduate study Dr Patricia Hamilton, University of Johannesburg
SISB6 New ways to train science communication skills Claudine Leysinger, University of Zurich