Workshops sessions

Workshop session O

Workshop titlePresenters
O1 The landscape of researcher development, Vitae resources and membership Dr Katie Wheat, Vitae

Workshop session A

Workshop titlesPresenters
A1 Reimagining researcher development through the lens of the Academic Professional Apprenticeship Alison Mitchell, Vitae
A2 Facilitating belonging: Addressing the barriers faced by women doctoral students Rachel Handforth, Sheffield Hallam University
A3 "Engaging Researchers in Mandatory Training is a Doddle, Isn't it?"

Professor Susan Brooks, Oxford Brookes University

Jennie Cripps, Oxford Brookes University

A4 Credit rating our researcher development

Wendy Beautyman, Queen Margaret University

Dr Lindesay Irvine, Queen Margaret University

A5 Beyond 'Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer': Developing researchers as 'Creators, Challenges and Coaches'

Kate Tapper, Bud Development

Claire Wrixon, University of Bristol

Dr Mike Gulliver, University of Bristol

A6 Supporting research staff pursuing a career in academia Jeanette Mueller, University of Bath
A7 Healthy and supportive environments for PhD candidates: paving the way for good practices Dr Maria-Antonietta Buccherri, Marie Curie Alumni Association

Dr Brian Cahill, Marie Curie Alumni Association

Matthias Schroijen, European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers

Dr Mattias Bjornmalm, Imperial College London

Workshop session B

Workshop titlesPresenters
B1 Creating real impact: developing competencies for impact literacy

Dr Julie Bayley, University of Lincoln

Alison Mitchell, Vitae

Alanna GluckVitae

B2 Implementing a Development Programme for Middle Career Researchers Dr Kieran Fenby-Hulse, Coventry University
B3 Empowering researchers through mentoring

Professor Susan Brooks, Oxford Brookes University

Sam Hopkins, University of Surrey

Dr Alison Yeung Yam Wah, University of Surrey

B4 The PhD Action Lab (PAL) Dericka Frost, University of the Sunshine Coast
B5 'On-the-spot': Building Confidence in Presentation Skills for Research Students Using Improvisional Exercises Lynne Crook, University of Salford
B6 "Out of the Box" Integration @Uliege

Raphaela Delahaye, University of Liege

Thérèse Dupont, University of Liege

B7 Postgraduate research supervision through a problem/person lens Dr Matthew Sillence, University of East Anglia

Workshop session C

Workshop titlesPresenters

Driving cultural change through a revitalised Concordat

Katie Wheat, Vitae

Janet Metcalfe, Vitae


Supporting PGR Mental Wellbeing: initiatives at Kent and University of Liverpool

Kate Jones, University of Liverpool

Steve Bickerstaffe, University of Liverpool

Tom Price, University of Liverpool

Nicole Brown, University College London

Dr Jo Collins, University of Kent

C3 Supporting the career progression of researcher developers in a rapidly changing landscape

Professor Michael Rayner, University of Highlands and Islands

Professor Susan Brooks, Oxford Brookes University

Alison Mitchell, Vitae

C4 Enhancing researcher employability; What employers want and what researchers deliver

Gemma Garrett, QMUL Careers and Enterprise Centre

Andrea Cox, QMUL Careers and Enterprise Centre

Emma Day, Vitae

C5 Dynamic Development: A new approach for the personal and professional development of researchers

Dr Tony Bromley, University of Leeds

Dr Mark Proctor, University of Sunderland

Gail de-Blacquiere, Newcastle University

C6 Developing Benchmarking for Doctoral Supervision Enhancement Associate Professor Bill Ashraf, Macquaire University
C7 Supporting PGR skills development, employability and intersectoral mobility: an evidence-based approach

Dr Emma Compton-Daw, University of Strathclyde

Victoria Walker, University of Strathclyde

Dr Campbell Reid, University of Strathclyde

Dr Anis Amokrane, Adoc Talent Management

Workshop session D

Workshop titlesPresenters

The Power of Partnerships: UKRSA and Researcher Developers working together to implement the revised Concordat

Dr Anjali Shah, University of Oxford and UKRSA

Alanna Gluck, Vitae    

D2 Exploring researcher developer CPD needs Jen Reynolds, Vitae
D3 Working through partnership to build leadership capital: strategies priorities and evaluation in a global context

Peter Dukes, Africa Research Excellence Fund

Hazel McCullough, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Alison Mitchell, Vitae

D4 Open science: a roadmap of cultural change at universities and for researchers

Dr Katrien Maes, League of European Research Universities (LERU)

Dr Paul Ayris, University College London

D5 So many courses, So little time - Integration for minimum investment and maximum reward

Emma Sandon-HeskethUniversity of Central Lancashire

Trudi EmmensUniversity of Central Lancashire


Action on the wellbeing and mental health of research staff

Dr Kate Jones, Vitae

Dr Janet Metcalfe, Vitae


“Something just clicked in my head”: Creative Approaches to Researcher Development

Julia ReeveDe Montfort University

Dr Ursula HurleyUniversity of Salford

Davina WhitnallUniversity of Salford