What do Researchers do? Doctoral graduate employment, activities and earnings


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Robin Mellors-Bourne presentation 

Q&A Session

Following Vitae’s much anticipated latest edition in the ‘What do researcher’s do?’ series, this member event will unpack the findings and extract the trends from ‘What do researcher’s do?’ Doctoral graduate employment, activities and earnings. 

Vitae’s popular ‘What do researchers do?’ series explores the destinations and career paths of doctoral graduates and how they contribute to society, culture and the economy. The latest findings have been analysed from the HESA ‘Graduate Outcomes’ data from 2018/19 doctoral graduates and also include international students. 

The expert analysis adds to Vitae’s growing evidence base on research careers, providing institutions and research stakeholders with key information needed to inform future policy at both an institutional and a national level, such as helping progress the Research and Development People and Culture Strategy. 

Panel speakers will include the report’s authors, Dr Robin Mellors-Bourne, Director of Research and Intelligence, CRAC/Vitae and Dr Janet Metcalfe, Principal, Vitae and members will have the opportunity to pose more in-depth questions in the Q&A session.  

Participants will have the opportunity to probe some of the findings relevant to EDI in doctoral education and research careers, including career outcomes based on the gender, ethnicity, nationality and discipline of the graduates in question. 

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