Focus on work life balance and well-being

There are so many demands on your time, so much to do. So, is it possible to have some sort of balance or is this just the way it is if you want to be effective?

For most people research is just one of the things they do. You might teach or tutor, run demonstrations, manage a unit or even have another completely different job. And that’s just work. No matter how much you enjoy your research it’s likely that there are other parts to your life, too. You probably have a family or friends, you may have social commitments and, who knows, you may even have some personal interests! It can be hard to fit all this in.

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans” John Lennon

The good news is that it is possible to keep a sense of balance and be effective. This ‘Focus on’ showcases what works and what doesn’t and also how to have a life outside of research.  It provides useful strategies and proposes a range of suggestions that have been found useful in balancing the different demands in our lives.

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Opportunities to get in touch

Opportunities to get in touch

Good Practice Take Away: Supporting the well-being of researchers (A Good Practice Takeaway for staff supporting researchers with an interest in mental health and well-being) Monday 13th MarchWATCH THE RECORDING HERE

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Supporting the well-being of researchers

Supporting the well-being of researchers

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