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Individuals aspiring to a research career need the knowledge and skills to operate effectively in an open research environment. It's about accelerating the pace of research and engaging the public who are often the ultimate source of research funding.

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What is an open researcher

What is an open researcher

Researchers are adapting to new ways of doing science in response to exciting opportunities offered by modern computing power and the internet.

While embracing opportunities for research and individual careers we should understand and address challenges in sustaining quality, legitimate commercial interests, privacy and security.

What is open research?

What is open research?

Open research (or science) can encompass:

  • Open access to scholarly publications
  • Open access to research data
  • Open platforms, tools and services
  • An open approach to conducting research
Benefits for researchers

Benefits for researchers

For the individual researcher, working in an open research environment can bring career-enhancing benefits and opportunities. From new ways to conduct research and collaborate to making your research outputs instantly available to the world.

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