Vitae membership

Image JPEG imageVitae membership
Vitae membership
Image JPEG imageVitae membership tree
Vitae membership tree
Image PNG imageVitae key features
Image showing some key features of Vitae which are explained on this page
Image PNG imageFive strands of Vitae membership
Depicts the five strands of Vitae membership that are explained on this page.
Image PNG imageNetworking and collaboration
Depicts the approaches to networking and collaboration encompassed by Vitae membership and described on this page.
Image PNG imageroutemap for new researchers, prezi image
Image of our interactive presentation (prezi): routemap for new researchers
Image JPEG imageVitae membership organisation
Vitae logo with membership organisation badge
Image JPEG imageVitae member content
Vitae member content icon
Image JPEG imagemembershipfeatures.jpg
Image JPEG imageaudiencetraingle.jpg
Image JPEG imagecopy_of_audiencetraingle.jpg
Image PNG imageEnterprising researcher
Cover page for Vitae enterprising researcher booklet
Image JPEG imageVitae Equality and diversity image
Jigsaw pieces with names of several protected characterisitics
Image JPEG imageVitae funding image
Several cartoon people carry large currency signs
Image JPEG imageVitae mentoring videos image
Tiles from films of PIs speaking about mentoring research staff
Image JPEG imageVitae poll banner
Banner explaining current Vitae poll on open research
Image PNG imageVitae social media handbook
Cover of social media handbook publication
Image JPEG imageWhat do researchers do? infographics
Tile showing infographics using stats from Vitae What do researchers do? publications
Image PNG imageVitae social media handbook
Cover of Social media handbook
Image JPEG imageVitae membership highlights 2015
Highlights of activity against our five membership strands for the first year of Vitae membership.
Image JPEG imageMembership highlights 2015
Image JPEG imageRegister