Independent review of research bureaucracy - call for evidence

  Top view of people sitting round table

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy is seeking views on ways to substantially reduce research bureaucracy, primarily for the benefit of individuals and teams conducting research. 

Responses to this call for evidence will feed into the interim and final reports of the Independent review of research bureaucracy, which was first launched on 22 March 2021 and is being led by Professor Adam Tickell, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sussex. The overarching goal of the Review is “to advise on a substantial reduction in unnecessary research bureaucracy in government and the wider sector, supporting our researchers to focus on research and related activities which contribute to a healthy research base”.

Vitae will be submitting a response on behalf of the community and we would particularly welcome your views on the mention of reforms to assurance and audit which go beyond financial information, including concordats and harassment policies.

We would like to invite members of the Vitae community to provide answers to the following questions:

  • What specific changes do you think could bring the biggest reduction in unnecessary bureaucracy?
  • Which of the following could address the current issues with post-award assurance processes, such as reporting obligations for the Researcher Development Concordat?
  • Can you provide any evidence or examples of unnecessary research bureaucracy which could be streamlined?
  • Can you provide any evidence or examples of best practice in removing or preventing unnecessary research bureaucracy?

We would be grateful for by noon on Friday 24 September or contact to talk to a member of the Vitae team.