CROS and PIRLS Steering Group terms of reference


The Careers in Research Online Survey and Principal Investigators and Research Leaders Survey (CROS/PIRLS) Steering Group exists to ensure the appropriateness and sustainability of CROS and PIRLS and their associated activities in collecting and reporting the views and experiences of researcher staff, principal investigators and research leaders employed in higher education (HE).  

Terms of Reference

  1. Ensure that CROS meets the needs of the HE sector in collecting research staff views of their career development needs and opportunities and in making these views available to the sector.
  2. Ensure that PIRLS meets the needs of the HE sector in collecting the views and experiences of principal investigators in developing research leaders in HE and in making these views available to the sector.  
  3. Provide sector and key stakeholder input to the on-going development of CROS and PIRLS, consulting with the sector where appropriate.
  4. Promote the value of CROS and PIRLS to the sector, encouraging institutional engagement and the sharing of practice.
  5. Responsible for the control and coordination of CROS and PIRLS, including the timings and frequency of operation.
  6. Work with Online Surveys and Vitae, to ensure the availability of sufficient resources, administrative support and appropriate protection of the CROS and PIRLS data.
  7. Be the custodian of the CROS and PIRLS data, including overseeing the specification and production of any reports of the aggregate CROS and aggregate PIRLS results by Vitae and responding appropriately to requests for access to the results.
  8. Work with Vitae to ensure appropriate links with the implementation of the Concordat principles and other relevant policy developments.


  • The CROS/PIRLS SG will have an independent Chair from amongst the members.
  • The CROS/PIRLS SG will meet twice a year. Additional meetings will be arranged as appropriate.
  • Additional tools will be available for internal communication between meetings, e.g. access to a specific workspace on the Vitae Basecamp.
  • Vitae will provide travel costs, administrative support and resources for the Steering Group and any CROS and PIRLS reports, and any other costs agreed.
  • The remit, role and membership of the CROS/PIRLS Steering Group should be reviewed every two years.


  • Representatives from a cross-section of institutions participating in CROS and PIRLS
  • Representatives from a cross-section of key stakeholders
  • Representative from Vitae