Institutional case studies: Every Researcher Counts

Equality and Diversity case studies demonstrating current institutional practice and giving practical examples of support techniques that have worked.  The next phase of the Every Researcher Counts project will collect more examples of good practice, alongside real examples of how people have chosen to use the training materials.

Case studies include examples of general practice, specific initiatives and individual examples.

All managers at the University of Leeds are trained in Equality and Diversity practices, following a module developed as part of the University achieving Investors in People (IIP) status.

One of the issues that cropped up from staff feedback data collection [at the University of the West of Scotland] was around flexible working. [It] appeared that going over and above the statutory requirement was a major hurdle for University staff. This was particularly so because the policy document was 16 pages long, outlining the statutory and non statutory requirements. This policy has now been simplified and condensed to a one page statement.

The University of Sunderland actively engages in opportunities to benchmark itself against the sector and other universities. One of the most successful areas is that of equal pay and closing the gender pay gap. Since 2003 the University has consistently conducted annual equal pay audits and taken action where appropriate. The University also publishes its gender pay gaps. Since its inception in 2003 the University has progressively been closing the gender pay gap and this open and transparent policy was cited as best practice by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission in 2010.