Impact of Covid-19 on researchers and the UK research base


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The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has commissioned CRAC/Vitae, supported by UKRI and Universities UK, to gather evidence around the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic on the activities of researchers and research groups.

All researchers employed in UK universities, research institutes, charities and companies were invited to respond to the survey and we especially would like to hear from principal investigators and leaders of research groups.

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This evidence will inform BEIS’s consideration and design of potential interventions to help protect researchers, research institutions and facilities.

A short report will be published to share the findings and key themes. Responses will be aggregated before any reporting (no reporting will be done at individual or institutional level), and will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (GDPR) – please see the Data Privacy Notice.