Research Culture Framework

Following on from the launch of the Research Culture Initiatives in the UK (2023) report and as part of the same project commissioned by UK Research and Innovation, Vitae is proud to have developed the Research Culture Frameworkin collaboration with Shift Insight and the UK Reproducibility Network (UKRN).

Colourful cogs inter-twining and showing the words: How research is managed and undertaken• Effective research governance and management• Achieving the highest levels of research integrity• Actively promoting sustainabilityHow people are supported• Employment and conditions• Recognition and assessment• Embedding professional and career development• Ensuring inclusive and healthy working environmentsHow research ensures value• Taking an open approach toresearch• Communicating research• Realising impactHow individuals engage with othersProviding effective leadership and management• Empowering individuals• Building collegiality

The Research Culture Framework is a tool for employers, funders, and policymakers to support strategic planning on research culture, and describes 13 elements of research culture across four themes:

  • How research is managed and undertaken
  • How research ensures value
  • How people are supported
  • How individuals engage with others

Each element of research culture is described in terms of values and behaviours, and provides a way of understanding the breadth of what is encompassed by research culture.

The framework has been designed for use in multiple contexts depending on the research setting, to help progress the research culture agenda. Based on your priorities, you can use the framework to:

  • Facilitate conversations on research culture between researchers, research enablers, research participants, employers, and other key stakeholders
  • Co-develop research culture definitions, priorities, and goals
  • Conduct gap analyses, considering available evidence and existing policies and practices
  • Create targeted action plans, prioritising actions to address gaps and agreeing measurable outcomes

The Research Culture Framework reflects sector perspectives from a wide range of role holders across a variety of institution and organisation types, as well as from individuals identifying as LGBTQ+, disabled, Black and minority ethnic, and women.

See the full Research Culture Framework

Take a look at the Research Culture Framework presentation slide-set