Help us reach researchers who have moved out of higher education

Please join us in promoting the 'What do research staff do next?' project

On 12th May 2014 Vitae and Naturejobs launched a survey targeted at researchers who have worked in European higher education institutions or public research institutes and are now working in other occupations and organisations.

One of the challenges is contacting these researchers, so we are seeking your help as part of a concerted communication campaign to reach out to these researchers.

The survey is fairly short and shouldn't take more than 15 minutes to complete. We have included a few sample questions below:

1. What were the key factors that influenced your decision to move to another employment sector?

2. What did you find most helpful during your transition outside of higher education?

3. What are your future career aspirations?

We will also collect the career stories of researchers who have left higher education. These stories will be published on our website to illustrate a range of alternative careers available to researchers

We would be really grateful if you could assist in disseminating information on this project and a link to the survey via any channels you use, such as websites, newsletters and social media.