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How can we help?

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Initiatives and frameworks

Initiatives and frameworks

If you want to be part of an open, innovative and collaborative community, come join the conversation and connect with like-minded professionals via Vitae working groups and collaborative networks - creating a platform for innovation, practice sharing and problem solving, providing a greater voice for members of the researcher development community

Other initiatives and frameworks that members can take advantage of include:

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Get the most out of your Vitae Membership
Enhance provision

Get the most out of your Vitae Membership

At Vitae, we're passionate about helping researchers reach their potential. As a Vitae Member, you and your organisation have access to many high quality resources tailored specifically to researchers, and those who support researchers, to engage them in their own professional development.

Take a look at Vitae's Practice Pathways series - launched in October 2022, it's a curated collection of Vitae resources addressing core themes in research and aimed at those engaged directly in the practice of researcher development.

More about the benefits of being a Vitae Member

For those new to Vitae, take a look at our Getting started with Vitae series of leaflets for doctoral researchers, research staff and researcher developers

Further information can be found at:

If you want to know more about how to get the most out of your Vitae Membership, contact us, we'd love to hear from you!

Most popular Vitae pages for researchers
Top 10 resources for researchers

Most popular Vitae pages for researchers

  1. Pursuing an academic career - commonly asked interview questions
  2. Pursuing an academic career - how to write an effective academic CV
  3. Professional development – about the Vitae Researcher Development Framework
  4. Researcher careers - CV examples
  5. Doing a doctorate – completing your viva
  6. The Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers
  7. Leadership development - leading a research project
  8. The Three Minute Thesis competition
  9. Researcher careers - What do researchers do?
  10. Vitae's wellbeing and mental health webpages
Member engagement activities and practice sharing events

Member engagement activities and practice sharing events

As a Vitae Member, you are invited to take part in regular member events on areas of interest.

You can also receive discounts on other Vitae events, such as our Connections programme.

Keep an eye out for member updates direct to your inbox to be the first to hear when new activities are announced.

Check out Vitae's Recent Publications
Vitae annual programme 23-24

Check out Vitae's Recent Publications

Themes and activities for the year ahead in the Annual programme 2023/24

This year Vitae will focus on the following themes through the annual programme:

  • Aligning researcher development with research culture
  • Supporting diverse career pathways
  • Informing policy and practice

Take a look at our annual report 2022-2023 which we published at #VitaeCon2023.