Dr Rosemary Bass


University of East Anglia                                                                                

Job Title                                                                                              Rosemary Bass

Careers Adviser (PGR Students & Research Staff)



I am a Careers Adviser at the University of East Anglia who works with PhD students and post-graduate researchers, particularly those in the arts, humanities & social sciences.  I pursued a traditional academic career path for 20 years doing BSc, MSc & PhD in biochemistry prior to post-doctoral positions, a personal fellowship and an academic position.  When I was a Reader at Northumbria University I trained as a business coach.  This showed me that background does not matter in coaching and guidance, and led me in a different career direction.  My experience as a former principle investigator, PhD supervisor and departmental PGR Director means that I have a lot of insight into the issues faced by the PhD students I work with as a careers adviser.  I am pleased to be involved with 3MT as I have always encouraged PhD students to take as many opportunities to develop their skills and explore their options as possible.