How we work with your organisation

So your institution has Vitae organisational membership. How do you stay in touch with the network?

We want to keep our members informed, to consult on the direction we take and to create opportunities to share ideas and collaborate.

Key contacts

When your organisation takes Vitae membership, you put forward three key contacts (one 'senior' and two 'operational') who take responsibility for our contract with you and for disseminating membership information within your organisation. 

Helping shape the programme

Member organisations and their staff will be offered opportunities to influence our whole programme of events and resource development.

The best way to achieve this will be discussed at the time of taking up membership and may be dependent on your geographic location and current needs from membership.

to find out how you can feed in your views as a member organisation.


From time to time we will offer opportunities to be involved in discussions and projects on specific themes or topics. This can happen via consultations, online member community groups and at themed Vitae events.

We also encourage network members to initiate collaborative projects. The Vitae Member Community and Membership Directory and events such as those in our Connections series are there to help facilitate collaborative working. If you have an idea for a researcher development activity and are having difficulty identifying others who may want to work with you, .

Keeping you informed

When you register on our website using your institutional email address (so that we can recognise you as a member), you have the opportunity to sign up for regular updates from us. If you've already registered but didn't subscribe to updates, to ask to be included.