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How to get started (for new members), help to profile Vitae resources on your site and use our Tweet sheet. See our Vitae member benefits list for details of other ways you can benefit and member discounts.

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Open to Vitae membersWhile much of our content for researchers is open, our newest and highest value content is available only to those from member organisations who register on our site. Our page lists premium content for researchers plus member-only content for PIs and supervisors and researcher development professionals.

The Vitae Researcher Development Framework (RDF)

The RDF describes the knowledge and attributes of successful researchers. As well as being a useful tool for individuals planning and recording their professional development, it can be used by institutions to review, build and organise their professional development policies and support for researchers. Some of the resources designed to support RDF use are exclusive to members, including online development advice covering each of the 63 'descriptors'.

For academics who support researchers' professional development

Our supervising and managing researchers page gives an overview of materials that might interest academics in their role as managers and mentors to more junior researchers. Resources include guidance on having successful career conversations, supporting researchers through placements and short videos on mentoring research staff.

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