Coming soon to Vitae members


We have a number of exciting developments which will be made available to our members in the next couple of months.

At the next Connections event on the 20 July, we're launching the Career Framework for Researcher Developers (CFRD) which has been designed to help support staff to plan and develop their career. The participants of the Connections: Getting to Grips with the job, which is aimed at researcher developers new to the job, will be able to use the CFRD for the first time. 

Vitae will also soon be launching an online professional development planning course for early career researchers. The course has been designed to introduce researchers to the concept of professional development planning and complement institutional induction programmes and the Vitae RDF Planner practice.

The launch of the online course will coincide with the release of a number of support materials we plan to make available to our members in time for the PhD inductions so watch this space.