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The Careers Research and Advisory Centre (CRAC) Ltd that manages the Vitae programme is delighted that the UK will rejoin Horizon Europe under a new bespoke deal. 

Clare Viney


Clare Viney, CEO, CRAC/Vitae said “This is great news for research and innovation, and researchers, and means that UK talent will have access to the world’s largest research collaboration programme. CRAC-Vitae are currently involved in more European collaborations than ever before, all currently funded by the UKRI guarantee funding”. 

Vitae forms part of the core team in important projects such as the Sustainable Careers for Research Empowerment (SECURE)  which aims to develop new approaches for the empowerment of researchers in their careers by working with the new European Competence Framework for Researchers ResearchCompIt is looking into ways of effectively overcoming precarity and uncertainty in research, as well as improving opportunities for career advancement. 

Open Universal Science (OPUS) of which Vitae is also a partner, will develop a set of indicators and interventions for institutions to reform the assessment of research and researchers that incentivises and rewards researchers to take up Open Science practices and aligns with other European initiatives. 

Both these projects are of strategic importance for the European Commission and co-ordinate with initiatives that form part of the EURAXESS network. Partners include Eurodoc, Marie Cuire Alumni Association, EuroScience Association, the International Consortium of Research Staff Associations (ICORSA) and Young European Universities Network (YERUN) and Technopolis Consulting Group. 

CRAC-Vitae are also proud to be involved in the forthcoming Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA) Boost consortium which will enhance CoARA’s operational capacity and provide means and resource to investigate and implement new models for research assessment. 

These projects will make a difference and help to deliver an inclusive, diverse and healthy research culture in which all researchers can flourish and reach their potential, the decision to rejoin the Horizon Europe programme will allow us to develop these projects further and will no doubt lead to further opportunities and advancements for research and researchers.

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