Leadership in Action - Collaborating Across the Midlands

The Midlands Hub ran a pilot Leadership in Action programme at the University of Warwick in December 2011. 26 researchers from across the UK attended the course along with 7 tutors (both independent trainers and staff supporting researchers).

Daniela Bultoc, Skills Development Programme Manager at UCL attend the course as a tutor:

'I acted as facilitator/coach for the Leadership in Action programme, which was directed by Paul Toombs, in December 2011 at The University of Warwick. This has been one of the best programmes that I have facilitated on. Being based on experiential learning, the format of the programme gives each participant the opportunity to experiment with leadership. The role of the facilitator is to coach researchers to reach their potential as leaders and to support them in valuing their strengths and skills. It is very rewarding to see how participants learn and change in behaviour from one day to another. Sharing real stories for the leadership insight presentations has real impact and gives participants the confidence to believe that reaching their own goals is achievable. The programme is very empowering and it reveals how leadership is all about being at your best.

It is an inspiring programme, not only for the participants, but for the facilitators and organisers of the course. For me, this programme reinforced that working as a coach and trainer is what I love doing and I have decided to start a consultancy business in this area. At UCL, we are now arranging to run the Leadership in Action programme in June this year.

You do walk away from this programme having had a life-changing experience.'