NEW: career framework for researcher developers


Launched at the Vitae Connections last month, the Career Framework for Researcher Developers (CFRD) is a new framework designed to support the aspirations of all who work in the emerging professional area of researcher development, including professional services staff, trainers and academics.

It has been designed by Vitae in collaboration with researcher development professionals to reflect the variety of roles and responsibilities needed to develop research staff and doctoral researchers. 

CFRD is intended to help researcher developers to plan and develop their career by providing greater insight into capabilities and opportunities in the context of developing researchers. Using the framework helps identify and articulate the particular knowledge and expertise required in a researcher development role.  

The purpose of this framework and the associated resources is to help those involved in researcher development to plan and develop their own careers with greater insight into their capabilities and opportunities. 

Register to our website and explore the framework at: 

All resources will be featured at the Vitae Researcher Development International Conference, 8-9 September in Manchester. You can still book your place!