New programme to develop entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurs and Education Programme was officially launched today by Minister for Business and Enterprise, Michael Fallon.

Led by Doug Richard the Programme will spearhead a revolution within the education sector to boost innovation, enterprise and employability.

The Programme, run in collaboration with Vitae, is preparing to create a new generation of educational entrepreneurs, with the backing of £1.1 million of funding over three years from the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS).

The new programme is designed to equip colleges and universities across the country with the tools to survive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

The programme targets senior managers, educators, researchers and academics to show them how they can actively help their university or college to become more entrepreneurial and innovative, and therefore more financially sustainable.

The programme will be reaching out to over 100 universities and colleges in the next three years. It will be delivered via 2-hour Challenge Workshops to introduce entrepreneurial ideas, and day-long Impact Events which go into the detail of how educators, academics, researchers and students can work together to create a more entrepreneurial, productive and mutually-beneficial working environment.

‘Vitae are excited to be part of this initiative. Researchers have a wealth of ideas and capabilities and huge potential to be entrepreneurs, to set up social enterprises and to be intrapreneurial. We look forward to seeing you on the Programme’

Ellen Pearce, Director of Vitae

The Entrepreneurs and Education Programme is working in partnership with: the National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education; the National Association of College and University Entrepreneurs; Enterprise Educators UK, Universities UK, VITAE; the Association of Colleges; and Doug Richard's School for Start-ups.

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