New report finds improvements in the management of researchers across Europe

'HR Strategies for Researchers report' reviews plans set out by universities and research funders across Europe to improve the working conditions and career development of researchers as part of the ‘HR Excellence in Research' Award process.

HR Strategies for Researchers: A review of the HR Excellence in Research Award implementation activities across Europe cover

The report, launched at a Vitae event in London today, began a consultation into a pan-European accreditation process for good HR management of researchers proposed by the European Commission. It calls for European level benchmarking of researchers’ views and a recognition of the resources required to support a wider implementation programme across the member states and associated countries.

'HR Startegies for Researchers' reviewed the implementation strategies of over 100 research organisations across Europe which held the HR Excellence in Research Award in Autumn 2012.

Key findings include:

  • Evidence of improvement in the human resources management of researchers in those organisations with the Award
  • A broad consistency of approaches to researcher human resource management across national boundaries in those organisations with the Award
  • Least evidence of implementation in engaging researchers in decision making structures within organisations and putting in place mechanisms to enable them to broaden their experience and profile

‘This report comes at a crucial stage of the life cycle of the HR Strategy with more than 130 institutions having received the "HR Excellence in Research" logo for their efforts. Building on this success, we have just launched a study to examine the feasibility of setting up a Europe-wide accreditation mechanism for genuinely good HR management in the public sector.  Both of these instruments will play a vital role in completing the European Research Area by ensuring that researchers are offered attractive and rewarding careers which allow them to carry out research of the highest calibre.’

European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science, Máire Geoghegan-Quinn

The report is available here.