New survey for researcher developers


Your career as a Researcher developer – take the opportunity to input to a project by the 15 May to define the professional identities and career paths of researcher developers.

This project aims to provide a 'census' of researcher developers in the UK to begin to define their professional identities. Those who identify themselves, at least in part, as researcher developers are asked to complete the online questionnaire containing questions on their past roles, present roles and aspired future roles. A report based on the aggregate responses will be presented at the Vitae Annual Researcher Development Conference on 8-9 September, with reference to the new Vitae Career Framework for Researcher Developers (CFRD).

Dr Anna Price (KCL) and Dr Richard Freeman (UCL Institute of Education), in collaboration with Vitae, are inviting anyone whose role (in whole or in part) involves researcher development to respond to this online survey by the 15 May. The survey should take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Further details are given here. Please circulate the information to others in your institution who may be interested in responding.

Survey is available at