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‘The Impact Framework 2012: Revisiting the Rugby Team Impact Framework'

Since the release of the sectors' Impact Framework in 2008, and following the substantial efforts of many people across the researcher development sector, there has been great progress in measuring the impact of researcher training and development activity. This new report:

  • Highlights key impacts of researcher training and development
  • Maps actual impact evidence gathered against the potential impacts suggested in 2008
  • Re-considers the key drivers for impact measurement within the context of changes in the sector since 2008 which include the introduction of the ‘Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers', the ‘HR Excellence in Research Award', RCUK ‘Pathways to Impact' and Delivery plans, changes in funding and the Vitae Researcher Development Framework.
  • Re-presents the Impact Framework with the increased methodologically understanding gained over the last four years to provide further support to ongoing impact studies across the sector. Includes for example, a set of ‘Guiding principles for evaluation design' and a mapping of RCUK ‘Pathways to Impact' against the Impact Framework level 4.
  • Shows the reach of the Impact Framework: How the methodology can be used for measuring impact outside of the researcher training and development sector; how it has been referenced in academic publications and in reports from national organisations outside the sector; how it is has had influence in the growth of a new area of ‘researcher development scholarship'.

At the Vitae International Researcher Development Conference 2012 the new document will be highlighted in the workshop, ‘Evaluating impact - A methodology for you and for your researchers.' And the conference will again include a ‘Research Strand' showcasing researcher development scholarship activity.

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