Professional Development Planning for Researchers Online Course (PDP ROC)

Professional Development Planning for Researchers Online Course (PDP ROC)

Vitae has developed an online course to cover all the stages in the professional development planning (PDP) process. Professional development planning (PDP) is a key component of career progression and this course has been designed and developed using resources specifically for researchers who want to make the most of their opportunities, and create new ones!
The course is suitable for all researchers at any career stage and can be used in conjunction with institutional provision and in combination with other online PDP tools.
Researchers using the course will undertake a range of activities to help them analyse experience and achievements, collect and organise evidence, select and priorities areas for development and plan professional development goals. 
The course will be particularly useful for those who are:

  • part-time
  • studying for a professional doctorate
  • studying at a distance from their institution
  • studying alongside home commitments
  • transnational and international researchers 

The PDP ROC is made up of six modules, which can be both worked through in order or at random. 

The course is available to Vitae members upon web registration and can be accessed here. It will be featured as part of the Vitae promotional materials available to member institutions for their induction programmes.