The Equality Challenge Unit guides to the Every Researcher Counts

Vitae published a suite of 15 guidance documents by The Equality Challenge Unit (ECU) to accompany the Vitae Every Researcher Counts scenarios
The Equality Challenge Unit guides to the Every Researcher Counts

We are pleased to announce a further resource to accompany our successful Every Researcher Counts training materials.  As you may be aware a large part of the materials are based around discussion scenarios highlighting equality and diversity issues and asking individuals to have realistic conversations about how to address them eg. A researcher with three children struggling with her workload and considering options around flexible working or a wheelchair bound researcher considering realistic adjustments.  

In order to make these discussion scenarios even more user-friendly the Equality Challenge Unit has worked with Vitae to develop guidance notes for each of the 15 scenarios.  Feedback on the discussion scenarios showed that in order for people to feel confident in training in equality and diversity they needed additional guidance on the law, advice, what is possible and where support can be found. This suite of guidance supports the discussion scenarios, with ECU covering the key points that should be considered.  

The Every Researcher Counts resources are designed to be flexible and promote discussions around equality and diversity which can be incorporated into any new or established training programmes.  It is essential that equality and diversity is included in all researcher development.

The new scenarios can be found here.