The RCUK Delivery Plan 2011/12-2014/15 was published today


The RCUK Delivery Plan 2011/12-2014/15 was published today.

The individual Research Council delivery plans published at the end of 2010 focus on the requirement for highly capable people to sustain the UK research base, enable closer work with industry and to work in many sectors of the economy. The RCUK delivery plan also prioritises ensuring the ‘continued pipeline of highly skilled researchers for the continued health of the research base, and for wider economic and societal benefit'.

Vitae is funded by the Research Councils to work with the UK higher education sector, researchers, employers and stakeholders to lead improvements in the employability and the impact of researchers to enhance our economic, social and cultural capital.

The current contract for Vitae runs until December 2012. From the outset, the Research Councils agreed a level of funding to under-write the contract, but had a strategic aim to move towards a broader funding base.  No decisions have yet been made about future funding for the Vitae contract, however the Research Councils are keen to ensure that the impact of past investments through the Roberts funding continues to be realised. Over the coming months, the Research Councils, with other stakeholders, will consider the medium to longer-term requirements for researcher development and their role(s) in supporting this.

Vitae has recently taken over the leadership of the implementation of the Concordat the Support the Career Development of Researchers and set out its strategic priorities for 2011.