The UK Council for Graduate Education and Vitae are pleased to confirm strengthened collaboration.

UKCGE and Vitae are the two leading UK organisations concerned with postgraduate education and researcher development respectively. Vitae works with higher education institutions to build and strengthen personal, professional and career development for early career researchers, including doctoral students and works directly with colleagues in institutions, providing strategic and practical resources to implement relevant policy and good practice. UKCGE supports all levels of postgraduate education, focusing on the student experience and providing updates for academic and administrative staff about policy development and good practice in the postgraduate sector.

There are a number of synergies in the aims and activities of the two organisations; our partnership aims to harness these synergies to create greater impact and enhanced service to those working and studying in the postgraduate sector of UK higher education. Through continuing collaboration, UKCGE and Vitae will work together to strengthen shared aims and complement and support one another with the objective of providing value for money and innovative insights for our constituents.

Vitae's remit is specifically to support researcher development where the focus is on professional and career development for doctoral researchers and early career research staff. The UKCGE remit covers postgraduate education, including master's and doctoral students, programme provision, quality assurance, admissions and recruitment, international marketing, models of graduate education and supervision. Our partnership agreement therefore sets out that UKCGE will focus on the aspects of its remit that are not covered by Vitae activities and vice versa in order to better distinguish the two organisations and to signpost each other's activities more clearly. We remain committed to working in partnership wherever our activities are complementary and would better support the sector by taking a common approach.

The two organisations are committed to providing excellent and coherent support to our respective stakeholder groups.

Some of the ways in which the two organisations work together include:

  • Sharing information to our networks where relevant
  • Collaborating on our events/conferences programme to avoid duplication and provide value for money
  • Working together on other projects and opportunities where it adds value to the project and fits our respective remits

Since its establishment in 1994 the UKCGE has aimed to facilitate the development of good practice in the postgraduate sector of UK HEIs and has worked in concert with Vitae and its predecessor the UK GRAD Programme to fulfil this aim.  Postgraduate education in the UK is focussed on quality and HEIs are harnessing the good practice promulgated by the UKCGE and Vitae and leading the world in ensuring that UK postgraduates remain fit for purpose in the Knowledge Economy. ’

   Professor Mick Fuller
   Chair, UKCGE

    ‘ Vitae, managed by CRAC with a history of working with postgraduate researchers since 1968, was launched in 2008 with support from the UK Research Councils. Vitae works with all UK institutions to embed professional and career development for doctoral researchers and early career research staff. Both UKCGE and Vitae will continue to work together to support the development of internationally competitive world-class doctoral researchers ’

   Ellen Pearce
   Director, Vitae