Your enterprise questions answered

Follow-up to how to start a business after your PhD? Hangout
Your enterprise questions answered

Last month Vitae ran our first Google Hangout on How to start a business after your PhD? (which you can now watch on our website)  Our live video chat with a panel of researchers turned entrepreneurs and enterprise specialists attracted a lot of interest and we had far more questions submitted than we could possibly answer in an hour. 

With that in mind, we have asked our speakers and other experts to keep the conversation going and write up their short replies to your unanswered questions. Over the next weeks we will be publishing their answers in the FAQ section on our website.

We would also like to extend this invitation to you. Offer your own answers, ask new questions and spread the word to others who may be considering starting their own business. Let's create an enterprise resource for researchers!

Questions include:

1. Is a good way to start your business?

2. Regarding changing the course of direction, is being an entrepreneur a valuable skill in our CV, when we apply for job, in case the business idea does not succeed?

3. Can you please tell us what are the milestones in setting up a business? Such as funding the company, fundraising stage etc

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