Successful career planning for researchers

Successful career planning for researchers


On 18 January 2017 Vitae ran an online Q&A on the topic of successful career planning for researchers. Consisting of researchers and career professionals, our knowledgeable panel responded to questions ranging from networking, making a career change to working in industry and managing the relationship with your supervisor. Some of the advice mentioned included: 

"If you hate networking think about it as making friends. Find the people you like. Not all of your contacts are going to lead to career opportunities, but connecting people in the same field is fundamental to research."  

"If you feel stuck in you role, take all opportunities to try something else. You don’t know where your next inspiration may come from." 

"Wherever you go next, you’re never going to have to start from scratch because as a PhD graduate you have 3 years of experience with evidence of most requirements for a job in industry or business."

Visit this web page to watch the recorded video and read the top tips from our panelists...