Welcome to the first phase of our new website

Today we are releasing the first phase of the new Vitae website.
Welcome to the first phase of our new website


We know how well used our website is as a researcher development resource so it would be great to hear about your first impressions.

This is just the first phase. New content and functionality will continue to be released, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for do come back and look again.

Below is a quick update about what you can find on the new site.

Please register

Unless you already have an account with the RDF Planner via your institutional email (in which case, use that) everyone will need to register with the new site, whether you were registered with our old website or not.

If you’re doing research or work at a higher education institution, register with your institutional email.

We will be mailing all the registered users on the current site to let them know that they need to re-register.

When you have registered, you can change your profile and settings by clicking on the ‘My profile’ button in the top right hand corner.

What’s new?

Both the content and the functionality of the new website have been updated and you should find it more searchable than the previous site.


  • Our most popular section on CVs has been updated to include 18 new example CVs based on real researchers plus updated academic careers advice
  • Our new researcher booklet, the Enterprising Researcher is now online along with a focus on enterprise
  • Everything is easier to find. Search by topic, content type or professional development area
  • Resources on the site are mapped to the RDF

Links to the Vitae website

We know that you and your institutions had many links to pages on the old Vitae site. To ensure that these still work we have re-directed the relevant pages to corresponding pages on the this site. However, if you do spot any links that no longer work just let us know by .

We have also included (below), for ease of reference and your convenience, a selection of short-links that you are welcome to use.

Databases on the new site

Our databases of over 100 researcher career stories and of development resources to use with researchers have been integrated as fully searchable content on the new site.

Examples of researcher development practice from the current site, including the database of practice, will be updated and transferred to the new website over the next few months. Users will be able to search the whole site for examples of institutional practice and case studies.

In due course, trainers and developers who have entries in the current database of trainers, and others registered users, will be able to create a public ‘profile’.

Basecamp and the new website

Many of you will be members of Vitae groups on Basecamp or Ning, for example Hub Advisory groups, project groups etc. These will gradually be migrated to the new Vitae website, but we’ll be in touch with each group in a few weeks to let you know when and how this will happen.

We would also welcome your feedback about anything else that you would like to see on the website - so please do drop us a line.

Vitae shortlinks: