Vitae News: Research integrity survey extended - November 2019

Vitae News: Research integrity survey extended - November 2019

Research integrity survey extended to end of this week


The research integrity survey has been extended by 2 days and will now be open until Friday 8 November.

Research England, on behalf of UKRI, have commissioned Vitae in partnership with the UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO) to conduct a study exploring what motivates researchers to maintain high standards of research integrity.

Whilst research integrity in the UK is high, there are some known issues. Competitiveness of research careers and funding, and perceived pressure to publish, amongst other challenges can all drive lower research integrity. The study aims to find out which of these and other incentives might have an impact.

Anyone who has had recent involvement in research in any capacity in the UK should consider completing the anonymous survey. If you are reading this news from outside the UK and have colleagues who you are currently working in research in the UK, please forward this to them.

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