Vitae News: RRI, mental health and wellbeing and STEM for Britain- November 2020

 Vitae News: RRI, mental health and wellbeing and STEM for Britain- November 2020


Last few days to complete Responsible Research & Innovation Globally (RRING) survey
The Responsible Research and Innovation Networking Globally (RRING) international survey about research and innovation experiences closes on 20 November.

The survey aims to explore how good practices are established in different research and innovation contexts across the world and is aimed at respondents working in research and/or innovation from research institutes, funders, industry and policy bodies.

Please complete and distribute widely. Translated versions of the survey are also available.

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Review of Staff Development and Support Provision for Academic Research across UK Higher Education Institutions


All institutional research staff in the UK are invited to complete a survey around their experiences of training and support.

Focusing specifically on the training aspect of researcher development, this survey is open for research-active academic staff, regardless of career stage or level of engagement, across the UK’s Higher Education Institutions to help identify examples of good practice and identify important gaps in researcher development and training provisions. 

Respondents have the chance to win one of four 4 x £50 book tokens.

Complete review of staff development survey


Post-Graduate Researcher Mental Health and Wellbeing event

Researcher developers, graduate and doctoral school staff and wellbeing university staff from London and the south east regions of the UK are invited to a postgraduate wellbeing event on Monday 9 December at the Hilton Metropole hotel. 

The 'Student voice and the co-creation of interventions for improving postgraduate researcher mental health and wellbeing' will take place from 10.30am until 3.30pm and Vitae will be presenting recent work in this area.

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STEM for Britain 2020

Early career research scientists engineers technologists & mathematicians are invited to take part in the annual @STEM4Brit 2020 poster competition.

Abstracts need to be submitted by 5pm on 2 December and the poster exhibit takes place in the Houses of @UKParliament next year with a cash prize of £2,000 awarded to the winner. It's an ideal public engagement opportunity and highlights to members of parliament the significance of research that is currently being undertaken.

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