Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers

Concordat logoThe UK Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers is an agreement between funders and employers of research staff to improve the employment and support for researchers and research careers in UK higher education.
It sets out clear standards that research staff can expect from the institution that employs them, as well as their responsibilities as researchers.

Vitae leads on the management and implementation of the Concordat. The Concordat Strategy Group oversees strategy and implementation.

“Despite being a voluntary instrument, the Concordat is having a significant impact across the higher education sector. The intention to implement the principles of the Concordat is now widespread in institutions, and the corresponding infrastructure is increasingly in place.”

Three-year review of implementation of the Concordat, 2012

Benefits of implementing the Concordat

Implementing the Concordat will sustain research excellence and bring benefits to the health, economy and well-being of the UK:

  • Increase attractiveness of the UK for talented researchers
  • Improve research output and impact
  • Attract and retain researchers from the widest pool of talent
  • Potential to secure more research funding.

The importance of investment and development of human resources is formally recognised within the Research Excellence Framework and European Commission’s Horizon 2020

Concordat background

HR Excellence in Research Award

UK institutions that have published Concordat implementation plans are able to apply for the European HR Excellence in Research Award. Vitae manages the UK process, which includes ongoing national evaluation and benchmarking.

The next UK submission deadline is Friday 28 March 2014.

Concordat briefings for stakeholders