Concordat: implementation and review

‘Principle 7: The sector and all stakeholders will undertake regular and collective review of their progress in strengthening the attractiveness and sustainability of research careers in the UK’


Key to supporting stakeholders to implement the Concordat and to undertake regular review of progress has been the establishment of a Concordat Strategy Group which meets annually and of an Executive Group which reviews progress quarterly. Both the Strategy and Executive Groups are supported by Vitae.


  • Important evidence to support ongoing reviews of progress towards implementation comes from the Careers in Research Online Survey (CROS). CROS was revised and re-launched in 2009 and over 80 institutions have since participated, with 68 taking part in CROS 2013, which incorporated the views of 26% of the research staff population of participating institutions.
  • Further evidence has come from the Principal Investigators and Research Leaders Survey (PIRLS), developed as a tool to understand the views and experiences of research leaders. The participation of 33 institutions in the first survey in 2011 and 49 in 2013 is strong evidence of the level of interest in gathering data to support institutional progress and priorities in implementing the Concordat principles.
  • A three-year implementation report was published in 2012 highlighting the Concordat Strategy Group’s agreed measures of progress (updated in 2013), drawing substantially on CROS and PIRLS results.
  • The HR Excellence in Research Award also provides evidence of progress in implementing the Concordat principles.