Concordat Strategy Group terms of reference

The Concordat Strategy Group is responsible for promoting the implementation of the principles of the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers across the UK, in line with its implementation strategy and in partnership with other bodies.

Specifically, it will:

  • promote the aims and objectives of the Concordat at strategic levels in relevant organisations
  • advise on policy and practice that promote the principles of the Concordat
  • coordinate the actions and policies of signatories, supporters and relevant parties to meet the objectives of the Concordat
  • monitor whether the Concordat is having a sufficient impact upon policy and practice, and identify additional actions, as appropriate
  • oversee and ensure the delivery of major reviews of the implementation of the Concordat
  • ensure that UK interests are considered in any relevant European Union initiatives
  • work with the European Commission to provide a UK process for acknowledging UK institutions' alignment with the European Charter and Code
  • report annually to the Minister for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation and devolved administrations on the implementation of the principles of the Concordat
  • encourage the recognition, nationally and internationally, of the UK's leading position in the development and training of researchers.

The Concordat Executive Group, a sub-group of the Strategy Group, will meet on a six-monthly basis to ensure progress in achieving the Strategy Group terms of reference. The Executive Group will report on progress to the Strategy Group, annually.