Concordat Writing Group

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The revised Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers has presented an exciting opportunity for the Concordat Writing Group.

The many stakeholder views gathered from the consultation that the Concordat Strategy Group (CSG) launched in October, will be used to inform the revision of the Concordat.

The role of the Concordat Writing Group is to:

  • agree the format of the revised Concordat to ensure it is kept current
  • draft the new text incorporating the findings from the consultation
  • identify good practice examples using the outcomes from the consultation

The group was set up in January 2019 and consists of 11 representatives from a variety of roles including, researchers, principal investigators, senior institutional management, researcher developers, HR specialists, funders, professional bodies, and non-HE employers.

Delivery of the revised Concordat to the CSG should be by the end of April.

It is worth noting that whilst meetings will be arranged during this period, the majority of input will be online.

“A revised Concordat will not only help sustain the UK’s research excellence, but through a supply of highly talented researchers also bring benefits to the health, economy and well-being of our society”

“If our collective input helps create a better future environment for researchers then it is surely time well spent” from the HEPI blog”