Concordat governance

Up-to-date information relating to the Concordat can now be accessed via this new self-contained website. This page is under review and will be revised shortly.

The Concordat Strategy Group is responsible for promoting the implementation of the principles of the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers across the UK, in line with its implementation strategy and in partnership with other bodies. 

The Concordat governing body must:

  1. Maintain a steering group to oversee the implementation and review of the Concordat with appropriate sector representation, including key stakeholder groups and other stakeholders.
  2. Report annually to the relevant Minister and devolved administrations on key activities and progress in implementing the Concordat. 
  3. Ensure that the Concordat, and strategies for communication and implementation, remains relevant to the wider research system and in line with the other research-related Concordats, relevant legislation, frameworks or other relevant external influences.
  4. Publish and regularly update a UK implementation plan for the Concordat, including a communications plan, to ensure a coherent and sustained approach by the sector.
  5. Set up specific working groups on topics where there are systemic challenges that require the engagement of multiple stakeholders, for example in seeking ways to provide more security of employment for researchers, improving the research culture, and aligning the Concordat with other concordats and frameworks.
  6. Work with relevant stakeholders to develop a consistent and robust way of tracking the careers of researchers to facilitate better understanding of career pathways, within and beyond academia, to inform Concordat related activities.
  7. Maintain the Concordat as an online living document, reflecting changes in the research system and understanding of good practice.
  8. Provide a platform to share practice and promote this for the benefit of the research community and its beneficiaries.
  9. Commission and publish a major review of the implementation of the Concordat after three years.