Environment and culture

Up-to-date information relating to the Concordat can now be accessed via this new self-contained website. This page is under review and will be revised shortly.

Excellent research requires a supportive and inclusive research culture

Healthy working environments attract and develop a more diverse workforce, impact positively on individual and institutional performance, and enhance staff engagement.

This Principle recognises that a proactive and collaborative approach is required between all stakeholders, to create and develop positive environments and cultures in which all researchers can flourish and achieve their full potential.

Managers of researchers must:

  1. Undertake relevant training and development opportunities related to equality, diversity and inclusion, and put this into practice in their work.
  2. Ensure that they and their researchers act in accordance with the highest standards of research integrity and professional conduct.
  3. Promote a healthy working environment that supports researchers’ wellbeing and mental health, including reporting and addressing incidents of discrimination, bullying and harassment, and poor research integrity.
  4. Consider fully, in accordance with statutory rights and institutional policies, flexible working requests and other appropriate arrangements to support researchers.
  5. Engage with opportunities to contribute to policy development aimed at creating a more positive research environment and culture within their institution. 

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