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The basics of HR Excellence in Research, including benefits and the 5 step process, are set out in this 2014 leaflet from the European Commission

Benefits of the Award

Find out about our HR Excellence in Research Award member Webinar

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Vitae report on the benefits of HR Excellence in Research, 2012

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UK Action plan

"We are pleased to have received this recognition and will continue to support Europe-wide initiatives through involvement in policy development and its local implementation here in Cambridge." Professor Lynn Gladden, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research, University of Cambridge

"Our research staff are crucial to the success of the University. We have been working hard to ensure our researchers are supported in developing their skills and careers as well as engaging with cutting edge research. We are thrilled that this has been recognised by the European Commission." Professor Mary Bownes, Vice Principal, Research Training, University of Edinburgh

"The existence of the European Commission HR Excellence in Research Award has helped to provide a focus and indeed a driver for this cross University activity." Paul Roberts, Assistant Director, University of Sussex

Latest updates

Read HR Excellence in Research Award - Future of the UK Process Proposal

The 2024 submission dates for those applying using the UK process will be Friday 20 September and Friday 22 November 2024

We have recently updated our HREiR guidance please see links to the updated pages below: