HR Excellence in Research Award: Future UK Process

Vitae is recommending to evolve the UK HR Excellence in Research (HREiR) Award process together with further enhancements and, following feedback collected from institutional awardees and HREiR peer reviewers about the process in the UK, Vitae launched a specific consultation on the future evolution of the Award. This closed on1 March 2022.

Read the proposal document that provides fuller context including the background, rationale and transition stages of the proposed evolution.

Outcome: Key proposal

Representatives of HREiR awardees disclosed whether their institutions agreed with the key proposal under discussion:

Do you agree with extending the HREiR review process from a two-year cycle to a three-year cycle (after the initial application and two-year review) with external peer review each time?

Consultation 22 Outcome.jpeg

Following this result, all cohorts of HREiR awardees will move to a cycle of external peer reviews every three years, with the schedule for transitioning specific to a cohort's next submission deadline.

IMPORTANT ! The HR Excellence in Research Award UK process is changing

All HREiR award-holding institutions should review the relevant outcome statement below to learn how their review schedule and requirements will change, and confirm that they have understood and agree to the transition schedule by emailing .

If you have any queries about the consultation or your institution's specific situation, contact .